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  • Rehabilitation Centres

    Our expertise lies in rendering advanced treatment facility that also includes rehabilitation centres.

  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

    Our medical expertise renders advanced treatment facility for alcoholics in the proficient rehab centres.

  • Rehabilitation Centre For Drug Addiction

    We are one of the reliable and prominent rehabilitation centre for drug addiction with best services.

  • Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai
    De Addiction Centres

    Addiction not letting you function properly? Our step-by-step de addiction centers will help you out of hell.

  • Alcohol De-addiction Treatment in Chennai
    Alcohol De Addiction Centres

    We bring the best doctors for treatments, care and services for common addiction like alcohol, tobacco etc.

  • Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai
    Drug De Addiction Centres

    We are one of the best drug de-addiction centres offering effective and successful treatments for the addicts.

  • Best de addiction centre in Chennai

    Rehabilitation psychiatric treatment through a holistic approach by guiding people with compassion.

  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai
    Addressing Mental Health

    We deal with issues relating to mental health and also diagnose the major cause of any condition.

  • De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

    The objective of this program is to break the mental health issues stigma amongst the masses.

  • Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai
    Innovative Supportive Programme

    We offer an array of supportive programs that help build better lives for the affected persons.

  • Alcohol De-addiction Treatment in Chennai
    Relaxation Therapy

    Our relaxation therapy services will make sure you are completely refreshed in the end.

  • Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai

    A process of counseling and meditation enables a client to evolve into a conducive within that would enable him to not find the need to use alcohol/drugs.

  • Best de addiction centre in Chennai

    Meditation aids in bringing to the fore all suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences, which are then dealt with through continuous follow up sessions.

  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai
    Therapy Sessions

    These sessions start way before the person is admitted to the centre for the authorities to understand the case of the person and conduct corresponding treatment.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

    Detoxification Process helps to pave the way for abstinence. It is basically aimed at bringing back patient’s physical health & routines by removing toxins completely from the body, medically. This is the process where the substance of addiction is completely stopped and special medication is given for withdrawal.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Addiction is one of an unbearable trauma in a human life. SRN deaddiction centre is a greatest platform to come out of addiction. We provide various treatment to each individual by analysing their overall health. Our deaddiction centre has updated facilities which is suitable and comfortable for a person who is under deaddiction treatment process.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai

Our rehabilitation centre is processed under the guidance of well experienced Psychiatrist, general physician, psychologist and social workers. Treatment were taken place for both out-patients and In-patiens. Rehabilitation process steadily focused on mental health followed by physical health. The person who got addicted losses their mind control over certain situations. Our rehabilitation process gives back their mental stability, mind control and resilience.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Alcohol De-addiction Treatment in Chennai

Alcohol deaddiction treatment begins with detoxification. Then, gradually started curing their physical ailments. If the person's body shows any withdrawal symptoms that indicates an improvement in their physical health. Alcohol deaddiction treatment also focuses on this withdrawal symptoms not to overwhelm on their ailments. Other than medications, we give lot of therapies and counselling sessions to improve their symptoms and addiction.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai

Drug usage is an illegal activity. But many of the youngsters got addicted to drugs such as cannabis, tobacco, LSD, opioids and many other drugs. In our SRN Foundation we give treatment for drug addiction which is so called drug rehabilitation and drug deaddiction. Drug rehabilitation centres are not ready to treat people with a proper and prescribed manner. But we provide a proper treatment to drug addicts by the commands of our psychiatrist and general physician. By rehabilitation, people got aware of side effects & drawbacks of drug addiction and also about their own physiological and psychological conditions.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Best de addiction centre in Chennai

Nowadays, most of the deaddiction centres are maintained by some random people and there is physical abuse takes place. Comparatively SRN foundation is the best deaddiction centre in Tamilnadu where physical abuse is stated as an offense during deaddiction treatment process. Adding on, our founder himself a psychologist who gives personal counseling, family counseling and other certain therapies. Giving punishment and abuse people is not a treatment and we serve our treatment to every addicts with humanity and abolish punishment culture completely.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai

Alcohol rehabilitation centres mainly focuses on giving long term solution to an alcoholics. These solutions will be rooted to their sub conscious mind which leads to successful, healthy and peaceful life. The person who is affected by Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is immediately needs this alcohol rehabilitation centre. Both drug use and alcohol use is injurious to health and mind. So our centre gives their physical and mental health back. Physiological and psychological treatments &therapies were given in a daily basis.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Mental Health Services

Globally, more than 70% of people with mental illness receive no treatment from healthcare staff. Evidence suggests that factors increasing the likelihood of treatment avoidance or delay before presenting for care include lack of knowledge to identify features of mental illnesses, ignorance about how to access treatment, prejudice against people who have a mental illness, and expectation of discrimination against people diagnosed with mental illness. In this article, we reviewed the evidence on whether large-scale anti-stigma campaigns could lead to increased levels of help-seeking.
Current treatments and the dominant model of mental health care do not adequately address the complex challenges of mental illness, which accounts for roughly one-third of adult disabilities globally. These circumstances call for radical change in the paradigm and practices of mental health care, including improving standards of clinician training, developing new research methods, and re-envisioning current models of mental health care delivery.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Psychiatric Home Care

Psychiatric home care is a cost-effective, feasible alternative to hospitalization. Psychiatric home care nurses must possess psychiatric and physical assessment skills, genuine caring, and the ability to develop trust. The role of the psychiatric home care nurse involves the assessment of psychopathology and the development of interventions that include educating patients regarding medications, psychopathology, and coping skills that assist them to remain in the community. Autonomy, working collaboratively with psychiatrists, and learning from patients are rewards that psychiatric home care nurses experience.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai

Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric hospitals, also known as mental hospitals, mental asylums, or simply asylums, are hospitals or wards specializing in the treatment of serious mental illnesses, such as clinical depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Psychiatric hospitals vary widely in their size and grading. Some hospitals may specialize only in short-term or outpatient therapy for low-risk patients. Others may specialize in the temporary or permanent care of residents who, as a result of a psychological disorder, require routine assistance, treatment, or a specialized and controlled environment. Patients are often admitted on a voluntary basis, but people whom psychiatrists believe may pose a significant danger to themselves or others may be subject to involuntary commitment. Psychiatric hospitals may also be referred to as psychiatric wards (or "psych" wards) when they are a subunit of a regular hospital.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai