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About Us


SRN Foundation

SRN Foundation is a gateway that focuses on peaceful life through de addiction treatment. We expand your knowledge by creating awareness about mental health and substance use disorder. We provide various therapies and counselling sessions to any individual seeker or addicted people. SRN Foundation is proud to be one of the best de addiction centre in families where punishment culture is abolished.

We, I-RecoveR Rehabilitation Cum De-Addiction & Counselling Centre have started this organization to help people get rid of addiction of drugs and alcohol. At our rehabilitation centre, situated at Avadi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we avail our clients an informal, safe, loving ambience, in freedom, conducive to effective recovery. For, true healing we have found happens only in freedom. Our list of treatments include, detoxification, counselling, meditation, therapy sessions for better progress. The program is essentially voluntary with absolutely no use of Psychiatric medications unless there is an underlying disorder that surfaces during or after detoxification. We aim at treating our clients in the best possible manner and help them in a way that makes their life better and happier.

De-Addiction Centre in Chennai


Our Mission is to provide rehabilitation treatment and make addictive people remake their life with our de addiction process.


Our vision is to enhance our service and enlighten every human life without addiction.


✤ Inhale Life exhale Addiction
✤ Addiction is your past, De addiction is your Present , Peaceful life is your Future.


Mr. Rajesh Kumar: M.SC ( Psychology ), MSW, M.A., M.L ( Hons )

Mr RAJESH KUMAR Founder and Managing Director of SRN Foundation. Started SRN Foundation to inspire and help individual who are in need of immediate attention and treatment regarding addiction. Maintain the counselling relationship with the client's emotional state. Build resilience and prepare each individual to fight their battle.

SRN FOUNDATION Rehabilitation Cum de addiction Centre : SRN Foundation started after realizing that conventional rehabilitation centres are not as effective considering the punishment culture with which patients are managed. This motivates us to start up a best deaddiction centre which only focuses on our client's mental , physical and emotional well - being without the useage of brutal force or suppression. We initially started our services for the people who need immediate treatment for their addiction along with psychiatric issues. Then , we gradually develop our measures to the fullest and make our client's not get into relapse or lapse again

I volunteered myself towards Drug Free India and TDRCAI.


✤ Company Management
✤ Family Counselling
✤ Business Administration
✤ Individual Counselling
✤ Life Coaching
✤ Public Speaking
✤ Therapist

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder :

✤ Bulimia disorder
✤ Personality Disorder
✤ Dementia
✤ Alzheimer
✤ Delirium
✤ School of Therapy
✤ Cannabis
✤ Prescribed Drug
✤ Heroin
✤ Cocaine
✤ Hallucinogens
✤ Tobacco Products
✤ Sexual Gambling
✤ Schizophrenia
✤ Depression
✤ Bipolar Disorder
✤ Schizo - Affective Disorder
✤ Delusional Disorder
✤ OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder )
✤ Phobia
✤ Panic Disorder
✤ Mania
✤ GAD ( Generalized Anxiety Disorder )
✤ Dissociative Disorder